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Child Sexual Abuse

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There was a boy who was kidnapped from his yard at the age of 7. For 10 years her was kept as a sex slave and treated like an animal. He was told by his kidnapper, Pernell, that his parents didn't want him anymore and had given him to his kidnapper. He was also told that he had been legally adopted and his real parents had moved away. Being so young at his kidnapping, he believed what his torturer told him.

Finally 10 years later, this boy was told to grab another 5 year old boy as he was walking home from school. When he got him on the car, Pernell told th eboy to shut up and that his parents asked him to pick him up from school and take care of him for a while. Finally, the now 17 year old boy realized that Pernell had lied to him all these years and that he too had been stolen.

Later that night, the boy, who only remembered his name as "Stephen" was able to sneak away with the new little boy. They got as far as the Police station and the yonger boy ran in and told the police. The police immediately ran out and captured Stephen. They believed that Stephen had kidnapped the boy. Finally after hours of questioning Stephen, he told them of his own story of being kidnapped 10 years earlier.

Stephen was reunited with his still mourning family. It wasn't until days later that the truth came out about all of the sexual abuse. Through much encouragement from the police, Stephen testified in open court of the evil acts forced upon him by Pernell.

After a week of testimony from other witnesses the trial came to a close with Pernell being convicted of kidnapping and performing leud acts on a minor. He was sentanced to 22 months in prison.

Stephen and his family were enraged and devestated.

In the early part of 2005 a man was arrested for robbing several bamks and getting away with thousands of dollars. He did not kill anyone, He did not even hurt anyone. He got away with some money but banks are covered by federal insurance when any such loss occurs. This week the man was read his sentance in court. He was sentanced to 60 years in prison.

Isn't it interesting that our government, legal system, and laws are more upset about some money being stolen that they are about a person's entire life being tortured and ruined? What will it take for the laws and peoples priorties to go in the the proper



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