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Introduction of N-Clean and Service Manager Tapio Peltola

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Essay Preview: Introduction of N-Clean and Service Manager Tapio Peltola

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Mona Piiparinen, Vilma Linden, Emma Odaba, Quang Pham Duy 0

Introduction of N-Clean and Service Manager Tapio Peltola 2

Recruitment 2

Students as Employees 3

Employees' motivation 5

Employees Experience about HR in N-clean 6

Appendix 7

Introduction of N-Clean and Service Manager Tapio Peltola

N-Clean Oy has been working in cleaning industry since 2004 and it is owned by NRK-Holding OY. It operates nationally with KA-Ra Siivous Oy, Lappipesu Oy, in Sweden N-Clean AB and property maintenance N-Service Oy. They have 1650 employees in Finland and 200 employees in Sweden. Companies major customers are hotels, spas, shopping centers, department stores, officers, schools, supermarkets and housing from all around the Finland.

Our interviewee is service manager Tapio Peltola in the office of Turku. He has about 200 employees to take care of and about 90 percent of them are students. Their customers in Turku are boat company Silja Line, Scandic hotel and Caribia Spa hotel. The company was Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 in Varsinaisuomi and Länsisuomi. Tapio has been working in the company for 9 months and before that he worked as a hotel receptionist after graduating from Applied Sciences of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

In this report we are focusing in the fields of Students as employees, employees' motivation and also interview several workers on their experience about HR in N-clean.


The recruitment process starts when the company is in need for more employees, especially in summer when there is a demand for a large number of employees in N-Clean. The service manager Tapio Peltola explained that during summer season when people travel more, N-Clean has more workload. People have then more time for vacations and N-Clean works mostly in hotels and ships. They couldn't keep the same amount of workers for a whole economic year because then it wouldn't be effective for them and for employees.

After the need has been identified, the company can recruit personnel either internally or externally. According to Tapio the best way to apply for a job in N-Clean is by filling out an application form in the Internet (address:

As a group we thought that word of mouth would be more preferred because many exchange students in our school have used it and then worked in the company. But word of mouth is used rarely and the company itself prefers to have all the information on paper. According to survey made by Workforce Management in December, 2004, Internet is the best recruiting source. Tapio says that it is easier because it takes less time to read filled forms than wait for applicant to call and ask specific questions all by one. He thinks also that this kind of application process gives a better picture of the applicant for the company because the main points can be checked faster on paper.

In Tapio's view, it is useful for them when they need to find someone new fast that they already have candidate pool and applicants' information on paper. Then they can quickly go through CVs and start making phone calls. For example sometimes many people can quit or get sick at the same time and they need a substitute quickly.

Individual or group interviews can be used when selecting the employee. In individual interview the applicant gets a full attention and individual can provide unique answers. Tapio prefers individual interviews for group interviews because the recruiter can make a better picture of the applicant. They ones had a big group interview because of time management but he felt it was not effective for them or comfortable for the applicants.

After the company has identified the best applicants from the papers, they call them for an interview. Tapio expects all the paper issues to be fine such as work permit and taxation card. According to the Finnish Immigration Service, foreigners planning paid employment in Finland must usually get either a residence permit or an employee's residence permit. EU citizens have right for free mobility within the European Economic Area and they are allowed to stay or look for work in Finland for three months without having to register their right of residence. The local police register the right of residence.

During the interview situation Tapio wants the applicant to be himself and tell honestly his wishes. First impression and nonverbal behaviour influence the interviewer's decision. Firm handshake and a good posture are a good start for the interview according to many interview advisors. The applicant should always keep an eye contact and avoid playing with his hands. The applicant's personal characteristics also affect the end result. N-Clean is especially looking for right attitude and people who stand on their own feet and have good common sense. Tapio advises non-Finnish speaking applicants to have the work permit and taxation card ready and in order.

Students as Employees

90% of N-Clean workers are students which N-clean say it is a great challenge because the law is very specific when it comes to employing foreign students. According to the law in Finland, it's illegal to employ a foreigner without proper documentation. Before employing the students the company has to check that they are in the country legally and they have the following documentation with them. Social Security number which is an identification tool in the Finnish systems that is used everywhere and anywhere in Finland. Tax card which is also as important as the Social Security number, and a valid residence permit.

Tapio, also mentioned that the law is very categorically on the number of hours every employer should give to students and if this is not followed both the employer and the students can be in problems.

According to the law, students have a limited right to work. During the academic term a student is required to work 25 hours in a week and a total of 75 hours in 3 weeks. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that the students do not exceed the given amount of hours.

During summer when students are on a break or when on school vacation a student can work as many hours as they can and there is no limitation to that. N-clean, gives work schedules to students with the required amount of time, Tapio mentioned that it is their responsibility



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