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Services Manager

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Human Services Manager

Within an organization the most important aspect when dealing with clients is the care of the client. As the therapist our interpersonal issues cloud the purpose which is the healing of our clients. In this paper the issues and behaviors that will be discussed, evaluated, and the map out changes that should be implemented. Setting goals, changing contracts, ending and change issues that exist, and the recommendation and strategies for each case study

Case Study 1

My first case study is about Tom Martin a divorced 32 year old counselor employed by Family Support Services Center for 4 years. He is an individual counselor for adults. Tom's client Elizabeth has informed the supervisor that he has made inappropriate sexual advances and comments, bought her presents, met once outside of the office, and made promises of helping her get the custody of her children, by giving her a favorable treatment report.

After the review of Tom's cases, I find there have been other complaints by at least 6 other female clients which 2 complaints could not be substantiated. The files also show 4 women who terminated their services without giving a reason. When interviewed Tom originally denied the complaints, but does admit that he is attracted to the client. Tom has broken the boundary rules, and ethical rules that have impacted the clients that were put in his care.

My recommendation for Mr. Martin is the release of his position at the agency. The reason for my decision involves not only ethical issues, but the obligation to protect his clients and avoid personal self-disclosure that undermines the client's clinical progress. The inappropriate sexual advances happened not just once but there may have been inappropriate advance other clients. Mr. Martin has serious behavioral issues that need to address. When you have personal issues, an agency is not the right place for him to be. Tom's action is a signs of a transference behavior that is deep rooted issues in the past that need to be dealt with (Howes, 2012). When you are not able to control yourself or the stress level professionally, you should talk to your supervisor. When incidents like this happen it could also be detrimental to the agency.

To effectively resolve this situation and incorporate evasive action of future issues each party needs to communicate openly and efficiently. The counselor must try not being non-judgmental with tone or body language. Tom must avoid the urge to be defensive and listen to the guidance and recommendation of the organization.

Case Study 2

The next case study reflects on Janice Wellington, a 28 year old single female who has been employed by the Family Support Service Center for 2 years as a child and family counselor, good therapeutic skills, well-liked by her clients. Her work logs are not always complete and not submitted in a timely way.

Janice states that she does have confidence and not enough knowledge with the work she does. And that she is more comfortable with working with the children and not the entire family. The appropriate strategies for Janice will include creating a work schedule that will help her complete the client assessments on time each day. Providing her with positive feedback will be important to build her confidence. She has expressed some anxiety in working with the parents.

My recommendation is to reinforce and maybe even refer. Exploring what the factors contribute to Janice feeling of inadequacies. Steps can be taken to offer Janice staff development training and personal development training. This training will help enhance her knowledge in those areas she in not feeling confident in self-awareness. Possessing both the mental and personal strengths that will be essential to be effective in the interpersonal dynamics found in the counselor-client relationships (Sage



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