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What Causes Revolution

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Have you ever wondered what caused the most famous revolutions around the globe? The revolution that most research was on was the Russian revolution of 1917 and some other revolts in the recent years. There have been many revolutions over the past couple hundred years, and some of the most notable revolutions include the French Revolution, American Revolution, Cuban Revolution and the Ukrainian Revolution. These four revolutions had three main things in common: political instability, unfair and careless wars, and poor economic conditions. From what these revolts had in common, political instability, unfair and careless wars, and poor economic are some of the main conditions that cause revolution.

Political instability causes revolution, and it is a cause of revolution because if society has no strong sense of a solidified government, they will be angry with the remains of the government. One example of this is when Tsar Alexander II abdicated the throne, and his brother would not step to the throne. This action is what broke the bond between the tsar and the people of Russia. Since there was no leader to take the throne; The Duma appointed a provisional government to serve in place of the Emperor. From the formation of the provisional government; there were two groups of people. Those who agreed with what the provisional placed forth and those who leaned more towards the democratic portion of the government(who were called Bolsheviks). Many people were originally on board with the proposals of the provisional government, but as the party attempted to carry out their plans, riots broke out which is what started to cause poor economic conditions. Although political instability is a factor in revolution, thee are still other factors such as careless and unfair wars or poor economic conditions in the country.

Unfair and careless wars cause revolution because it depletes essential forces that are important when the country is under attack. For many years, the Armed forces of the russian provinces have fought and lost many wars, which has depleted their army amounts. The wife of one of the army’s leaders; Nadezhda Krupskaya was a key figure in military recruitment in schools, as she was the minister of education. She had been one of the many people trying to recruit more people to join, but fewer and fewer people were joining since the russian army had so little successes.

Lastly, poor economic conditions



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